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Albertus Magnus Society Past Events

Fall 2013

  • The Dynamics of Consciousness: From Experience to Insight to Transformation – Mary Gerhart, PhD
  • On Consciousness and Criminal Responsibility – Katrina Sifferd, JD, PhD

Spring 2013

  • City by the Lake: The Health and Welfare of Chicago's Water Resources - Nancy C. Tuchman, PhD
  • Water: Sustainability, Climate Change and Future Conflicts - Gerald Gulley, PhD
  • Living Water: Wcology, Sacrementality, and the Hydrography of Faith - Christina Z. Peppard, PhD
  • Life in the World Ocean - Alyssa M. Braun, PhD

Fall 2012

  • Hunam Uniqueness Reconsidered: HUman Evolution and the Image of God - Celia Deane-Drummond, PhD, PhD
  • Water 101: Adventures of the Miracle Molecule - Paul Heltne, PhD
  • A University Awash - Br. Guy Consolmagno, SJ, PhD

Spring 2012

  • Dr. Frankenstein's Footsteps: A Critical Look at Some Key Films - Dan Dinello
  • Nuclear Power: Promise and Peril - William George and Thomas George
  • In the Beginning...Recasting the Christian Story in the Light of Scientific Developments - Heidi Russell, PhD

Fall 2011

  • Children of a Fertile Universe: Chance, Destiny, and a Creator God - George Coyne, SJ
  • Discernment and Community in the Twitter Age - Trevor Betchel, PhD
  • Defining the Human Person in an Age of Technology - Jame Schaefer, PhD

Spring 2011

  • Unequal Distribution of Health Services in the U.S. and Across the Globe - Aana Maria Vigen, PhD
  • The Secrets of the Gourd: Chinese Pharmacology - Chia-Feng Chang, PhD
  • The Mathematics of Morality in the NICU - William Meadow, MD, PhD

Fall 2010

  • Genomic Research and the Catholic Moral Tradition: Opportunities for a New Synergy Betwen Science and Religion - Kevin T. FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, PhD
  • Stem Cell Therapy: Clinical Possibilities and Ethical implications - Irina Calin-Jageman, PhD
  • Three Women in My Life: Ethical Issues at the End of Life - Kevin O'Rourke, OP

Spring 2010

  • Shedding Light on Eastern Medical Techniques - Alejandro Fernandez L. Ac. MSOM, NMD and Tim Sperduto
  • Spiritual Issues in the Care of Dying - Daniel Sulmasy, OFM, MD, PhD
  • Sleep, Dreaming, and Human Health - Kelly Bulkeley, PhD
  • Neurotheology: Looking for a "Both/And" Theory of Brain and Consciousness - Hugh McElwain, STD

Fall 2009

  • Deep Incarnation: Prepare for Astonishment - Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, PhD
  • Music-Thanatology: Blending Art and Science at the End of Life - Margaret Pasquesi, MA, SM-Th and Tony Pederson, CM-Th
  • Wellbeing: Expanding Horizons in Health, Faith, and Medicine - Richard Woods, OP, PhD
  • Special Event: Hourney to the Center of Matter - Giorgio Ambrosio, PhD

Spring 2009

  • New Planets and Extraterrestrial Beings - Does Jesus Have a Role? - Thomas F. O'Meara, OP
  • Prospects for Life Beyond Earth in an Evolving Universe - Grace Wolf-Chase
  • Consciousness and the Soul: New Considerations - Carla Mae Streeter, OP
  • Can Theology Say Anything about Mind in the Universe? - Daniel E. Martin

Fall 2008

  • Ethics After Darwin - Stephen J. Pope, PhD
  • Beyond Human - Where is the Human Spirit Leading Us? - Philip Hefner, PhD
  • Our Evolving Conscousness - Do Great Apes Have Ethical Precepts? - Paul G. Heltne, PhD

Spring 2008

  • Genes and Memes - Daniel A. Beach, PhD and Hugh McElwain, STD
  • Exodus 29:18 - Historical and Neurobiological Interpretations of Sweet Aromas and Burnt Offerings - Jay Gottfried, MD, PhD
  • Sounding the Spirit: Call and Response in Embodying the Divine - Kathryn Linn Beurts, PhD and Marc Anderson
  • One God, Complex Self - Carol Rausch Albright, PhD
  • Are We Built to Believe? The Cognitive Foundations fo Religious Belief - David Gilley, PhD

Fall 2007

  • Science, Religion and Teilhard's Textured Cosmos - Kathleen Duffy, SSJ, PhD
  • Rembrance of Sea Slugs Past: What Simple Organisms have Taught us About the Mechanisms of Learning and Memory - Robert Calin-Jageman, PhD
  • Sensing the Spirit: Neutral Correlates of Musical Perceptions - Douglas Anderson, MD