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Archive - Prior 2013

Fall 2013

  • American Women and Women of The World – Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB
  • Mazzuchelli Lecture – Leading from the Center: The Genius of Samuel Mazzuchelli – Sr. Diane Kennedy, OP, DMin (Recording available here).
  • Albertus Magnus Lecture – The Coming of the Cosmic Person: God, Evolution and the Power of Love – Sr. Ilia Delio, OSF, PhD
  • Do Catholics Make Good American’s?: The Catholic Church and Political Homelessness in America – William Cavanaugh, PhD

Spring 2013

  • “Band of Sisters,” A documentary film by Mary Fishman
  • Things Change – Rev. Mark Massa, SJ, PhD (Recording available here).
  • History in the Making: Three Generations Reflect on the Council – Hugh McElwain, STD, Glodagh Weldon, DPhil, Cathy Jaskey (Recording available here).
  • Vatican II Vision for a Globalized World – Susan Abraham, ThD (Recording avaibale here).
  • St. Catherine Lecture – True Reform: Assessing the Legacy Fifty Years after Vatican II – Rev. Paul Philibert, OP (Recording Available here).
  • Albertus Magnus Lecture - Making Waves: Life in the World's Oceans - Alyssa M. Braun, PhD (Recording available - part 1 here , part 2 here).
  • Water: Sustainability, Climate Change and Future Conflicts - Gerald Gulley, PhD (Recording available here).
  • City by the Lake: The Health and Welfare of Chicago's Water Resources - Nancy C. Tuchman, PhD (Recording Available here).

Fall 2012

  • Election 2012: Voting Beyond the Water's Edge - Gerard Powers, PhD (Recording available here)
  • Elections, Economics, and Ethics - Dan Finn, PhD (Recording available here)
  • Mazzuchelli Lecture - All Are Immigrants - Rev. James Barenett, OP
  • Albertus Magnus Lecture Human Uniqueness Reconsidered: Human Evolution and the Image of God - Celia Deane-Drummond, PhD, PhD
  • Advent Lecture - The Other Face of God: When the Stranger Calls Us Home - Mary Jo Leddy, PhD
  • A film and panel discussion, including filmmaker Bren Ortega Murphy, PhD
  • A Universe Awash - Br. Guy Consolmagno, SJ, PhD (Recording available here)

Spring 2012

  • Caritas et Veritas Dinner and Lecture: God-talk That Nourishes and Delights - Angel Méndez Montoya, OP
  • Catholics in the Public Square: Prophecy, Civility and Truth - M. Cathleen Kaveny, JD, PhD (Recording available here).
  • Conversations and Lessons with Dominican Theologians - Richard Woods, OP, PhD, and Clodagh Weldon, DPhil,
  • Lent Lecture: "Taking up the Cross: From Atonement for Sins to Birthing New Life" - Barbara E. Reid, OP, PhD (Recording available here).
  • "A Question of Habit," A film and panel discussion, including filmmaker Bren Ortega Murphy, PhD
  • St. Catherine of Siena Lecture: From Spotless Bride to Working Partner: Images of the Laity in the 21st Century Church - Susan Ross, PhD (Recording available here).
  • "Science, Salvation, and Side Effects" Nuclear Power promise or peril - William George, PhD and Thomas George, PhD, (Recording available here).

Fall 2011

  • Peace is Possible. Peace is Practical - Maryann Cusimano Love, PhD
  • Reading Jesus: How Story Shapes Us - Mary Gordon
  • Lund-Gill Lecture - Acts of Faith: Interfaith Leadership in a Time of Global Religious Crisis - Eboo Patel, DPhil
  • Mazzuchelli Lecture - Resistence, Faith and Social Change, featuring Jeanette Rodriguez, PhD
  • Albertus Magnus Lecture - Children of a Fertile Universe: Chance, Destiny and a Creator God, featuring George Coyne, SJ (Recording available here).
  • Advent Lecture - How the Pendulum Swings: The New Translation of the Roman Missal, featuring Edward Foley, Capuchin

Spring 2011

  • Life-Long Aging and the Baby Boom Phenomenon, featuring Martha Jacob, PhD
  • Tradition and the Fabric of Life: How Ordinary People Future Our Past, featuring Orlando Espin, PhD
  • The Formative Years, featuring Dennis Kirchen, EdD
  • Is Dreaming Illegal? Seeking Sustainable Solutions, featuring Mark Lopez, PhD,Craig Mousin, JD, MDiv, Elizabeth Collier, PhD, Elena Segura
  • Radical Disciple: Fr. Pfleger, St. Sabina Church and the Fight for Social Justice, featuring Fr. Michael Pfleger, Bob Hercules, Bob McClory
  • St. Catherine of Siena Lecture - Young Adult Catholics Today: Finding Power, Passion and Voice, featuring Donna Freitas, PhD
  • Trade vs. Aid: Haiti's Growing Social and Economic Opportunities, featuring Steve Hollingworth, Erica Green, and Most Rev. Thomas Wenski,

Fall 2010

  • Finding Sacred Space in Cyberspace, featuring Cathleen Falsani
  • Caritas et Veritas Lecture, featuring Timothy Radcliffe, OP
  • What Was Handed On To Me - Passing the Faith from One Generation to the Next, featuring Melissa Musick Nussbaum and Anna Keating
  • Mazzuchelli Lecture - Dominican by Adoption: Growing in a Life of Service, featuring William Lies, CSC, PhD
  • Albertus Magnus Lecture - Genomic Research and the Catholic Moral Tradition: Opportunities for a New Synergy Between Science and Religion, featuring Kevin T. FitzGerald, SJ, PhD (molecular genetics), PhD (bioethics)
  • Advent Lecture - Is God’s Reign of Peace Really Possible? featuring Dianne Bergant, CSA, PhD

Spring 2010

  • Caritas et Veritas Lecture: What the Saints and Poets See (Maybe): Human Life as Sacrament, featuring Mary Catherine Hilkert, OP.
  • Prudential Penitence, featuring Robert Hanning
  • Lent Program: Smoke Signals: Fire and Reconciliation, featuring Kathy Heskin and G.B. Starr-Bresette
  • What the blind beseeching eye has found”: Poetry and the Sacramental Imagination, featuring Paul Mariani
  • St. Catherine of Siena Lecture: Okapis by Moonlight: Sacramental Witness in Women's Writing, featuring Colleen Carpenter Cullinan
  • A Well-Told Tale, featuring Janice Del Negro, and Therese Hogan,

Fall 2009

  • International Film Festival featuring Babettes gæstebud(Babette's Feast, Danish, 1987) with Sr. Kate Dooley, OP and Dr. Richard Calabrese
  • Ponette (Ponette, French, 1996) with Dr. Laura Burch and Dr. Elizabeth Jeep
  • (Pan's Labyrinth, Spanish, 2006) with Dr. Lisa Petrov
  • La Notte di San Lorenzo (The Night of the Shooting Stars, Italian, 1982) with Dr. Veena Carlson
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Imagination and the Discovery of Grace featuring Gertrud Mueller Nelson
  • Irony & Mystery: Writers of the South featuring Chad Rohman, Dan Anderson, and Dian Kennedy, OP
  • Dante’s Sacramental Imagination featuring Sr. Clemente Davlin, OP
  • Mazzuchelli Lecture: Samuel Mazzuchelli: Model of Dominican Service featuring Thomas McGonigle, OP
  • Albertus Magnus Lecture: Deep Incarnation: Prepare for Astonishment featuring Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, P.D.
  • Advent Program:It’s a Wonderful Village: Bedford Falls as the Promised Land featuring Patrick McCormick

Spring 2009

  • Discipleship and Transformation: A Dominican Perspective featuring Colleen Mallon, OP
  • Globalization and Sustainability featuring John Coleman, SJ
  • Forgiveness: Doorway to the House of Peace featuring Thomas J. Gumbleton
  • Recasting the Bottom Line featuring Oliver Williams, CSC
  • Taking Action for a Healthy Planet featuring Sarah McFarland Taylor
  • Tending Our Garden featuring Michael Howard
  • Catherine and the Voice of the Laity featuring Karen Scott

Fall 2008

  • Caring for Creation: Human Dignity and the Common Good featuring Alexia Kelley
  • Small Is Not Enough: A Cultural and Political Critique of Sustainability featuring Eugene McCarraher
  • Listen to the Universe featuring Elizabeth Michael Boyle, OP
  • The Field and the Force: Religion and Ecology Meet featuring Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim
  • The Heart of the Catholic Story featuring Michael J. Himes
  • Ethics After Darwin featuring Stephen J. Pope
  • Journey Into Love featuring Mary Clemente Davlin, OP
  • Sustaining Hope in a Dark Dawn featuring Kathy Kelly

Spring 2008

  • Missionaries to our Children (Lenten Lecture) featuring Ronald Rolheiser, OMI,
  • The Common Good? Responsibility for the Public Square featuring Albino Barrera, OP
  • The Common Good, Faith, and Global Citizenship featuring Vincent Rougeau
  • Pursuing the Good We Share in Common featuring Kristin Heyer
  • The Common Good: Will We Ever Hear About It in a Campaign? featuring E.J. Dionne
  • Gifted Women, Needful Church featuring Zeni Fox

Fall 2007

  • What's Truth Got to Do with It? featuring William Cahoy
  • Hidden Truth of the American War Machine featuring James Carroll
  • Truth-Telling in Christian America: Globalization, Poverty, and the Environment featuring Brian McLaren
  • Ethical Eating for Everyday People featuring Anna Lappé and Bryant Terry
  • Festival of Food and Faith
  • Hungry for Leadership: The Challenge of Our Time featuring Susan Secker
  • Science, Religion, and Teilhard's Textured Cosmos featuring Kathleen Duffy, SSJ
  • Waiting in Hope: Picturing the Christian Life featuring Martin Doblmeier